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Carlsens Peberrod A/S
would like to use this homepage to tell about how the ancient horseradish is used in modern gastronomy, diets and as an alternative household remedy, and also to give new inspiration.
…to a factory specialized
in horseradish
and vegetable salad


Throughout history horseradish has often been shrouded in mystery and is occasionally mentioned as witchcraft medicine, and Harry Potter® has probably been given horseradish at Hogwarth. As far back as the 11th century it was grown as a vegetable, or rather as an herb, as the strong taste prevents one from eating it raw, it was used for spicing the food.
horseradish is not grown much more in Denmark,
as it is a labourintensive plant, that with its
uneven body, many sideroots, heads (buds)
and leaves, first has to be harvested, broken
apart, washed, cut in pieces and pared,
before it is ready for production.

... We cry for you Carslsens products are without artificial
flavour and colour, and we do not use GMO
(gene modified) products.

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