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It started
with horseradish

Wholesale dealer Hans Aage Carlsen started as early as
1930 trading with horseradish in Copenhagen, and even
though there was no actual production at first, the general
idea of manufacturing horseradish himself was born.

"We cry for you ... for only 65 øre" - as it says in the
advertisement from 1956 - And we still cry for you, but
the price has of course changed a little.
In 1952 Carlsen started manufacturing finely grated
horseradish in small premises in Copenhagen.
In 1967 the production was moved to
Funen - and by then the company had
also moved into other areas of busi-
ness, and today it has developed into
a specialized factory for horseradish
and vegetable salads, exporting to
most of our neighbouring countries.